Aleks Katunar

Aleks Katunar

TD/VFX artist @MomentumStudio, VR artist / dev@Mediaatlas, learning OSL ˘˘


 Prva riječka hrvatska gimnazija



Energy and positive atmosphere boosting
Teaching, tutoring, mentoring and knowledge gifter
Love fast paced enviorments
Ability to juggle between multiple projects simultaniously and prioritize work

Python and bash
Nuke / AfterEffects / Mocha / Photoshop / Illustrator
Cinema 4D / Clarisse / Maya / Arnold / Vray
PFTrack / 3D Coat / MeshLab / Photoscan / Quixel Suite / Substance
SVN / Git / Tortoise

Photo – 3d scanning / 3d mapping & projection mapping
Reprojections using 3d scan data
Animation / Asset creation / Photo-sourced And Photoshoped Texture creation
Lightning / Rendering / Shader creation / Uv-mapping / PBR texturing
Particle systems and setups / Developing workflows
Scene / Set building / Level Design
Compositing / Post-production / 2D and 3D tracking, Matchmove / Green screen / Primatte / Ultimatte / Keylight / Color Correction / Finishing
Ability to learn new software quickly
Experience with phyisical based renderers
Knowledge of photography, colors and composition

Games and interactives
Workflows and pipelines
Interactive publications, design and develeopment

Game Engines
Source Engine / Arma II / III / Unity3D / UDK

AWS Cluster management, Log monitoring, Bash Scripting, Python and Nukescript
HTML5 / JS, custom solutions including workflow improvments and automations, cloud tech
Team leading and mentoring, team members assesment
Render farm managment