About the Center for Innovative Media


New media arts in the areas of science and new technologies, founded on ethics, ecology and self-sustainable systems, and skill promotion to the academic and wider audiences.

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The Centre for Innovative Media was founded at the Academy of Applied Arts of University of Rijeka in 2017, with the goal of connecting new media art, science and technology, founded on ethics, ecology and self-sustainable systems.

CIM collaborates with other faculties from the University of Rijeka, particularly those involved in exploration of new scientific research, and with other universities, institutes and other cultural institutions, in order to create interdisciplinary and new media projects.

CIM works on a national and international level, congregating a number of well-respected artists, scientists and theoreticians with the goal of research and presentation of newest developments in contemporary art, science and technology.

The goals of the Centre are: promotion of art as an important third party and spiritus movens of change in all segments of society, education on applying newest technologies in art and enticing social dialogue on the possibilities of more functional, creative, diverse and available learning. These goals will be organized through the following activities aimed at the wider audience: workshops, lectures, exhibitions, residential programs.

The CIM programme offers an innovative approach in applied arts, 3D printing, micros canners, virtual reality (VR) and augmentative reality (AR), interactive video, computer graphics and animation and multiple aspects of creative endeavours such as application of contemporary music and sound in a media environment (film, video, Internet).

Ingeborg Fülepp, associate professor APURI

UNIRI, prof. Snježana Prijić-Samaržija, rector
APURI, prof. Letricija Linardić, dean

Aljoša Brajdić, associate professor. Vice Dean for general affairs APURI, Tomislav Brajnović, associate professor, head of the Intermedia department, APURI, Darija Žmak Kunić, assoc. art. APURI, ecology sculpture, Sanjin Stanić, umjetnički suradnik, APURI, video dokumentacija,  Dijana Protić, Ph.D. candidate, FFRI, Sanjin Stanić, artistic associate, APURI, Korina Hunjak, asistent, APURI, visual communication design, Elvis Krstulović, artistic associate, APURI, web design & coding, Marko Mrvoš, student, APURI , VR and AR, Ivan Vranjić, assistant, APURI, Prepress,  Lucija Polonijo, independent producer


Jolanda Todorović,  manager and curator, Gallery Kortil, Rijeka; Davor Švaić, vice-dean for international relations, University of Zagreb, Academy of Dramatic Arts, ADU;  Danko Friščić, vice dean for international and inter-university relations, University of Zagreb, Academy of  Visual Arts, ALU; Sanja Filep, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Architecture, Aleksandar Vejnović, artist, manager, theorist , Dina Karadžić/Vedran Gligo, /’fu:bar/, Katarina Podobnik


University of Rijeka, UNIRI: Department of Biotechnology, Department of Physics, Department of Mathematics, Center for Micro and Nano Technology, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Philosophy, RiTeh


University of ZagrebADU, Academy of Dramatic Arts, University of Zagreb, ALU, Academy of Fine Art, University North Koprivnica


Gallery Kortil, Festival of Science Rijeka, Peek&Poke Rijeka, Astronomic center Rijeka, American Corner Trsat Rijeka, ProDesign Rijeka