MOON Martina Zelenika

The interdisciplinary artist MOON Martina Zelenika, through innovative methods, explores and approaches the realization of a post-humanist art work. By linking traditional media with the latest digital technologies to the questioning of universal communication areas, it subtly influences human consciousness and individual self-knowledge by absorbing a broad picture of the world in which we “exist”. By deconstructing sound and meta-language through the practice of meditation, the artist tries out the modern communication space visible in the Meta_Signal Sonar System cycle – creates visualization of universal sound through an analog drawing as the starting point using body movements. She graduated from the Video-New Media 2006 at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design,  University of Ljubljana, graduated in 2001 at the Academy of Fine Arts, the University of Zagreb. She is the winner of reputable grants and scholarships. She took a part at several international art residences, exhibiting at numerous collective and independent exhibitions. She has participated in international conferences dedicated to digital and multimedia art: Open Fileds 2018: GLOBAL CONTROL, RIXC Art Science Festival, Riga Latvia; ZIP-SCENE: Analogue & Digital Immersive Environment Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest. She is a finalist with AR’s artistic work “6th SENSE” at the festivals of digital art: MADATAC-X Festival, Madrid Spain; ISEA2019, LUX AETERNA Penumbra: In-between, Asia Culture Center, Gwangju South Korea. MOON Martina Zelenika is a representative of the new movement of contemporary and new media art in Croatia, which through her work encourages our own sense of communion and the serenity of universal unity.