Aleksandar Vejnović

Aleksandar Vejnovic

Cultural Facilitator


Aleksandar Vejnovic, born 1991 in Vinkovci, is an expert in media culture based in Berlin. He has a background in audiovisual arts, new media communication and cultural management.

Since 2018 Vejnovic runs lectures in Media Theory, Intercultural Audience Development and Sound Art. Currently, he teaches at the Jan-Evangelista-Purkyně-University Ústí nad Labem, University of Rijeka and Darmstadt UAS.

In addition, Vejnovic designs media art projects for elementary and secondary schools so as in open space like the Hörweg – Mit dem Ohr unterwegs in Dieburger Forst, an augmented reality listening path accessible for the public.

In 2018 Vejnovic organized with his colleagues several symposia and conferences like The Global Composition Conference.

From 2013 till 2019 he was a research assistant for the Soundscape & Environmental Media Lab at the Darmstadt UAS. Their research focus is 3D Audio, Fulldome Cinema and Media Aesthetics. Their work had been presented in numerous events like concerts, exhibitions and lectures e.g. at the ZKM in Karlsruhe.