Elvis Krstulović

Creator of the CIM websites.

He works in the field of visual arts, graphic and web design. He is the co-founder of the art collective Fokus Grupa, which researches the fields of art, design and architecture through exhibition, publishing and educational projects. Through his own studio, Abecede works on self-initiated design projects, as well as on projects for clients. For the last few years, through Focus Group projects, he has been working on information design and data visualization projects.

He graduated in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2007, and in 2015 he completed the Bauhaus Lab, a post-master program in design and architecture at the Bauhaus Dessau. He is currently preparing a final thesis at the Dutch Art Institute (MA) with a focus on the role of information design / data visualization in knowledge production.

He is a teacher at the undergraduate Study of Graphic Design and Visual Communications, where he teaches Computer Tools I and II. At the graduate study of Visual Communications and Graphic Design, he teaches the course Internet and Web Design A and B.