Manifestation Glowing Globe is based on the idea of Media-Scape, an international exhibitions and symposia that was held in Zagreb, Novigrad and Rijeka between 1993 and 2014. The main curators and organizers were Ingeborg Fülepp and Heiko Daxl.  http://www.mediascape.info/

Today, inventions of technology inspire many artists to generate their visions that reflect anxiety, pointing to critical thinking and a warning of the dangers of global changes. Through various collaborations with scientists and scientific institutions, artworks that have been created are gaining ever greater public interest. It is therefore necessary to redefine positions of the latest media art and to critically discuss the issues and impacts of new technologies for the future and the development of society in general. Program of the Glowing Globe, Science-Fiction-Art was devoted to new-media art with an emphasis on virtual and augmentative reality.

Exhibition in the Kortil Gallery has shown a wide range of works from different international artistic perspectives. Giulia Bowinkel & Friedermann Banz, as well as Moon Martina Zelenika are using in their installations technic of argumentative reality.  Virtual reality artworks were presented by Roderic Coover and Krzysztof Wolek, Daniela Weiss aka. Litto and Patrick K.-H. aka. Anton Iakhontov, Marta Stražičić and Michael Saup. A stereoscopic 3D film was shown by Vladislav Knežević, while Ivana Franke presented a light installation in the dark space.

The symposium was at the University of Rijeka in the space called Akvarij, the day after the exhibition opening. The intention of the symposium was to encourage dialogue between theoretical discourse and artistic works shown in the exhibition. The presenters were coming from different academic and artistic backgrounds, from prominent professionals of the older generation to doctoral students and theorists of the younger generation.

Film program shown at the digital planetarium was curated by Martin Kusch with the works by students at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

Form interdisciplinary humanistic perspective Glowing Globe covers a wide scope of topics from image science, narratives in contemporary art of virtual and argumentative reality. Glowing Globe has succeeded to open up a dialogue and raise questions about the new styles and tendencies on the crossroads between art, technology and science.

Ingeborg Fülepp, Dijana Protić